“imagine a world without her” is the subtitle front and center on Dinesh D’Souza’s book, America.

This theme starts wandering into your mind and you begin to really think about what our world would look like if our blessed country today had never even ceased to exist. Americans have lost sense of the American dream where if you had an idea, you worked hard, & you played by the rules you could become something of yourself and succeed. We have lost hope and patriotism. The government has stripped prayer from schools who rarely say the pledge to begin with and we don’t even realize what America stands for anymore. Its time for the younger generation to be informed on principles our Founding Fathers created for us and use that to mold the United States back into a place we can be proud to live in and protect for future generations.

Start forming your own opinions about what is happening in our country without media input. The media today is a dangerous area to sift through to find cold, hard facts. Please, whatever you do gain knowledge by doing your own research, find info from reliable resources who aren’t biased, and vote based on the candidate YOUR beliefs line up with the most. Not just because a candidate is a woman and you want to be part of that moment in history, but actually listen to where she wants to take this country. It’s a scary place and I don’t want my generation to travel there. If you don’t know who I am talking about it would be, Hillary Clinton.  D’Souza touches on this a tad in his film and I highly recommend anyone right, left, or anywhere in between to go see AMERICA.

Tied in current event blurb: Everyone with a brain knows we are a country of immigrants. So people ask, “Why are we trying to block borders now and prevent helpless people from their awful rulers and unjust societies?” It is not the United States’ job to be the babysitter of countries in turmoil, it is the government’s duty to protect its DOCUMENTED citizens. On the news over the past few days you might have seen the protesters in Southern California blocking buses with immigrant children, women, and men from Mexico. Did the Obama Administration stop them? NO. Did the Obama Administration send them back to Mexico? Unfortunately, no again. Did the Obama Administration even send them to a clinic to get checked for diseases not yet in this country? NO. In all three instances the President is putting the citizens of this fine country at risk. People for the Left might bring up the topic that the immigrants will take the low wage jobs people in America don’t/won’t do. Well ya know what? Why don’t you make the people who are on welfare who are eligible to work but chose not to, take these jobs instead of using our tax money and stripping us of more of our hard EARNED money.

Sadly, the majority of people on welfare don’t want to take initiative and take control of their own lives and future but instead, they add fuel to the fire which is the government by giving them more and more power. The American society today has become too dependent on the government to take care of them but the current administration has done anything but. We have been consistently lied to over and over and over again.

But hey,

Just to highlight a few errors:

  • Obama claimed you could keep your same doctor after Obamacare was put in place well we know that isn’t true.
  • Obama also said the government doesn’t listen to your phone calls……yea right. they violate privacy every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year.
  • “Meetings where laws are being written will be more open to the public, no more secrecy.”
  • “When there is a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you the public will have 5 days to look online and find out what’s in it before I sign it.”
  • bring all parties together…complete bs. yet he urges republicans in congress to, “sue me.” in regards to bashing them for not wanting to implement a law Obama wanted passed.

The list goes on forever.. get facts and go see the movie!(now I’m gonna go read the book)



hot power yoga🌞🌀


So, I attended a hot yoga class in Santa Barbara for the first time last night. After work, I decided to try out Power of Your Om, which is centrally located on State Street and is popular among the locals. The skill level ranges among most but the majority are very experienced! Since I haven’t done yoga since the beginning of my freshman year in college I was a tad intimidated by the whole thing so I went with my new-found friend whom I met in Cali. Working out with a friend is definitely the way to go in my opinion! They can be there for support, to encourage you, motivate you to push yourself harder than you would alone, and to hold you accountable to stick to whatever goals you put in place. Even though during a yoga class you are supposed to focus on your inner self and be present in your practice its hard to not compare yourself to others. I think this comparison we have going on constantly in our minds is innate in human nature. Learning to live in the present, meditating your mind, and being wrapped up in yourself thinking about your true desires in life for a 45-75 min class is probably the most difficult thing in a yoga class, not the crazy positions you end up contorting your body to try. Sitting still and thinking about your hopes and goals for yourself while the hectic life you live is just outside those doors waiting for you to return to the constant flow of the world isn’t easy. I think everyone should attempt a class at one point in their life, you never know if you will connect with yourself on a deeper level.
Note to self: learn to just RELAX

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my go-to summer makeup essentials🌞💄
first off, RAE Cosmetics is THE BEST makeup line out there. everything is natural, hypoallergenic & it is especially beneficial if you are soaking up the sun constantly because it is heat and perspiration resistant! i’m from Florida, go to school in Austin, TX, and am interning in Cali and my makeup still looks flawless at the end of a day at the beach, walking to and from classes and then going to the ΑΔΠ house for a study sesh, and after a tiring work day.

i recommend the RAE oil-free surface primer with SPF 20($39) as a base for all of your makeup. trust me it really does help with making sure everything goes on smoothly. after that, I apply concealer(light neutral-$19) over some blemishes or broken capillaries. then I swirl on some mineral powder with SPF 15(30 degrees-$39) to set the concealer.

next, I apply the HOOLA bronzer($28) from Benefit where the sun would naturally hit my face. it looks healthy and natural when you contour correctly. usually thats around my hair line, under my cheekbones, and a do a tad on my jaw line. so it ends up being a 3 and a backwards E on either side of your face.

Bobbi Brown blush(pale pink-$26) is my final step to brighten my face up! it offers a matte finish for long-lasting wear. apply on the apples of your cheeks and blend upward toward your hair line. if you go a little overboard and you start looking more like a clown than just accentuating your cheek bones, don’t worry! just buff it out a little bit and you’re good to go:)

not pictured- if I’m going for a lighter, more natural day look i throw some black mascara on and at night add some eye shadow, highlight, and liner.

~thriving thursday~